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Devastating Earthquake Hit Ya An in Sichuan China April 20

Time:2013-4-21  点击:1709

A total of 179 people had been killed in the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in southwest China's Sichuan Province as of 10:00 am, Sunday, April 21.  A total of 846 aftershocks have been recorded, including 57 above 3.0 magnitude and two between 5.0-5.9 magnitude.  The Chinese earthquake authority immediately launched its first-level emergency response. More than 2,600 soldiers from the Chengdu Military Region, over 3,500 personnel from the armed police and over thousand medical personnel have joined in the rescue force.  More than 10,000 people from military strength and rescue professionals are standing by to reinforce the rescue mission at any moment.  A number of helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft airplanes have been dispatched to the frontline of earthquake stricken area.  The navy also sent out a remote sensing airplane to rush to the disaster spot. At the same time, Three big telecom carriers announced that disaster areas are entitled to having voice call, short note, roaming and other telecommunication services free of charge.  Ministry of Civil Affairs has transported 50,000 disaster relief tents, 100,000 bed cotton-wadded quilts and 10,000 folding beds to the disaster areas.

Rescuers from China International Search & Rescue Team (CISAR) prepare to fly to Southwest China's Sichuan province to carry out rescue operation in Beijing Nanyuan Airport, April 20, 2013




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