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Emergency Companies Ready for ERE 2014

Time:2014-7-4  点击:1515

Companies in Emergency and Rescue Industry are Ready to Show Up at ERE 2014

ERE 2014- China International Emergency Rescue Expo has attracted a number of large Chinese and international companies to participate with their latest products and technology.  Among them are: Xian Mosa Electronic S.P.A, which is a Sino-Italy join venture enterprise that will showcase its electricity generator for emergency purpose at ERE 2014; North Information Holding Group Co., Ltd, who will bring its products of emergent commanding system , surveillance system and etc. to the exhibition; Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Corp with its heavy-duty cross country vehicles; Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd that will demonstrate the products line of gas masks, emergency rescue kit, oxygen generator, and other emergency appliances;   North Vehicle Group Corporation, that will display its rescuing vehicles equipped with modern telecommunications facilities; Jianglu Electronic and Mechanical Co., with its rescue transport vehicles line; Beiben Heavy-duty Auto Co., with its rescue equipment; Longyan Haidexin Auto Co., that will supply the mobile power station for emergency.

By now, near a hundred companies in emergency and rescue industry are ready to present at ERE 2014 to be held September 24-26, 2014



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