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Eric Peuch(中欧灾害风险项目负责人):

It's the most professional exhibition of disaster relief&emergency rescue that I ever attended in China.As a main speaker of ERE summit,I've met other experts of emergency rescue region,ERE is a brilliant platform of disaster&emergency rescue industry.


Shan Chunchang, Counselor of the State Council, the National Emergency Management Expert Group Leader:

- “The exhibits are quite unique with relatively high degree of specialization.  Some of products even bring in new inspiration to how to approach and handle the cases in the entire emergency rescue.”


Yan Zhizhuang, from Ministry of Civil Affairs, PR China:

-“Considering the frequent reoccurrences of disasters and emergent cases in recent years, I support organizing such a show event to deal with the disaster relief and emergency management. It is the need of society and the need of industry"


Among the present at Opening Ceremony of ERE 2011 are Shan Chunchang,State Council adviser; Deputy Director of Expert Committee of National Disaster Reduction Commission; Jiao Kaihe-Vice President of China North Industries Group Corporation; Gong Yande-Vice President of China South Industries Group Corporation; Tang Min-State Council Adviser; Li Xinhua-Vice President of China National Petroleum Corporation; Zhai Guiwu-Vice President of Shenhua Group Ltd Co.;Li Yaoping-Vice President of Chinese Water Conservation Hydropower Construction Group Corp; Zou Jixin-Vice President of Wuhan Steel and Iron Group Co.; Pu Xiaoou-President Assistant of Chinese Aluminum Ltd., Co.;Zhu Tinghai-Assistant Chief Engineer of China Huaneng Group;Yao Wenping-Party Secretary of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products. 


Qu Guosheng, Vice Chairman of the International Society of Emergency Management, Former Chief Engineer of the China Earthquake Emergency Rescue Center:

- " The exhibits displayed at this exhibition are the collections of refined products. Both from technical innovation angle and degree of specialization, they have exceeded those from the previous event".


Shangdong Machine (Group) Co. Ltd.:

-"This is a quite successful show event. Looking forward to the next cooperation".



Hubei Jiangshan Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.:

-"Firstly, we would like to thank the Northern International Exhibition Co., Ltd for organizing this exhibition and making us have this opportunity to carry on exchanges with the counterparts home and abroad. Next, we would like to express our gratitude for the industrious work of the show staff. Under their full service and warm-hearted assistance, our enterprise had a smooth, successful and fruitful participation in ERE China."

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