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Notes for Stand Construction

1.Time to Build-up
Raw Space Build-up: 09:00 – 17:00, Sep. 14--15, 2013
Shell Scheme Build-up: 09:00 – 17:00, Sep. 14--15, 2013
2.Stand Height
The limit for Stand Height is 5 meter.
3.Construction & Management Fee
Raw Space Construction & Management fee, 20 RMB Yuan/sqm.
4. Facilities Protection
Without permission, any construction, build-up and assembly are not allowed at Pearl River Walk Avenue. Exhibition Hall outer appearance shall not be changed. Nails and screws are not permitted to be put inside the Hall building.
5. The Use of Adhesive Tape
The use of adhesive tape is only permitted to fix the carpet or other ground coverings. Tape is not allowed to use on the surface of stone or wall. Posters are not allowed to be glued to any part of the Hall building. Cleaning fees shall be born by the exhibitor for any violation.
6.Self-brought Furniture
Pls DO NOT bring similar furniture and aluminum material to the Hall. If the goods are really needed, pls ask the Hall personnel to have a check and keep the record when entering the Hall. Otherwise, the goods will not be dispatched at the dismantling.
7. Empty Box Storage
Any goods which are in the way of elevator or staircase are not permitted. Exhibits, tables and chairs shall be kept inside the booth. Empty box for samples shall be cleared in time. Should the empty box be kept inside the Hall, the permission from the Complex shall be obtained. Fire-extinguishing route shall not be used.
8. Raw Space Material Clearance
All mantling material and exhibits can only be removed from the venue by the exhibitor after the closing of the show. Additional cost will occur if the goods are to be handled by the Complex.
9. Exhibits Safety
Security personnel will be on duty for 24 hours during the build-up and show period, but the exhibitors shall be responsible for the safety of their own exhibits & personal belongings, especially new products.



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