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Event Venue - NAEC

China National Agricultural Exhibition Center (NAEC) was built in 1959 and is one of the four largest exhibition centers in Beijing, one of the famous largest ten architectures in Beijing built in the earlier time after the founding of new China.
China National Agricultural Exhibition Center is located by the northeast part of the third-ring traffic road in Beijing Chaoyang District, enjoying a convenient traffic spot being easy to get in only 20 minutes by drive from Beijing International Airport and facing west to the foreign embassies area.
Occupying an area of 52 hectors, NAEC consists of l0 exhibition halls in Chinese traditional architecture style and 7 light-duty showrooms with a total floor space of 30,000 sqm. With a capacity of 18,000 sqm indoor display space, 40,000 sqm outdoor display space and 4,000 sqm storehouse space, CNAEC is able to satisfy different display needs from home and abroad enhanced by its professional staff designers and workers, its modern display facilities, conference rooms, multi-function hall, business center, guest house, shops, dining rooms as well as entertainment center.
Since its establishment, NAEC has undertaken about 300 national and international exhibitions and established a good cooperation relationship with many exhibition centers, museums and fair companies in different countries. NAEC has been playing an ever growing important role in promoting the exchanges in agriculture, industry, science, culture, trade and etc. between China and other countries around the world.
With the backing of well-established and well-functional structure, state-of-the-art management expertise and customized service system as well as full-fledged supporting facilities, China National Agricultural Exhibition Center has emerged as a modern and comprehensive CE center. It is committed to its core competence of exhibition and conference organization as it moves ahead along many other pathways of catering, entertainment and hospitality.
China National Agricultural Exhibition Center has a strong and proven track record since its creation, as it has been the single best venue for thousands of commercial and trade exhibitions of various types, domestically and internationally alike. All these events it has hosted have led to closer and stronger international communication and cooperation on economic, trade, technical and cultural fronts.



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